When you shop at Sistie/Sistie2nd, we of course - in accordance with Danish legislation - offer a 2-year warranty on our jewellery.
In the event of any errors or omissions, you must contact Sistie/Sistie2nd as soon as possible so that the error can be corrected. We point out that no guarantee is given on sequins, pearls, stones etc. on hair accessories and chunky rings.

The right of complaint can be used if the product contains manufacturing defects, is defective, or has defects at the time of purchase. We distinguish between manufacturing defects, wear and tear and incorrect use.

Production fault means fault in the production of the jewellery, and the right of complaint covers.

Wear and tear is not covered by the right of complaint, and means that the jewelery has been used over a long period of time and that it is therefore to be expected that the jewelery has been worn. Therefore, among other things, worn gold coatings and rhodium plating are included under wear and tear, as this occurs after prolonged use of the piece of jewellery.

See possibly more under jewelry care

Improper use is not covered by the right of complaint, and is when jewelery has been exposed to damage as a result of incorrect use or mistreatment of the jewellery.
Self-inflicted damage to the jewelery is of course also not covered.

Also see the accompanying maintenance leaflet, or read more under jewelery care here on the website.
You, as a customer, are responsible for wearing the jewelery with care and otherwise following UrbanCph's guidelines.

In the case of complaints, a copy of the order/invoice, with a clear indication of contact information, is attached and sent to Sistie/Sistie2nd .

In case of complaints, please contact customerservice at

Send to

Sistie/Sistie2nd ApS
Slotsgade 65 B1
3400 Hillerød

Your goods must be sent back in the original box or equivalent, so that the goods are not damaged during the return shipment. Furthermore, a description of the complaint error and contact information must be attached.